Welcome.  It is likely that you have been referred to me by another doctor, a friend, or a family member.  I have been in private practice since 1997 and offer pragmatic, solution-focused psychotherapy that makes sense in today’s world. My style is interactive and educational.

People come to me for many reasons. Some are experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, worry, or confusion.   Others come to improve the quality of their relationships.  Some feel a lack of meaning or direction in their lives.  Work, marriage, parenting and relationships are all common topics in my office.  Whether you are in turmoil or seeking a place to explore and enhance yourself and your life, I can help you meet your goals.

Like you, I have many roles in my life.  As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and psychologist, I understand that life has rough patches.  At times, challenges and stressors may exceed our coping skills.  This is a normal part of adult development and is an invitation for us to learn, change and grow.

As a Licensed Psychologist, my work is rooted in science and research.  I am especially interested in how our bodies and central nervous systems impact our feelings, perceptions, relationships and levels of satisfaction. Effective psychotherapy is an art and a science.  I strive to make the scientific relevant and offer therapy that is delivered with warmth and wisdom.


Work, family, relationships, health, money, kids… it can all get overwhelming. Depression, moodiness, anxiety and irritability are common signs that it may be time to reach out for professional support and guidance.  Driven by ongoing developments in the fields of psychology, neurobiology and psychiatry, I offer psychotherapy that is progressive, interactive, educational and relevant.


Today’s teens face unprecedented academic and social demands.  Their bodies and brains are changing at a rapid pace and this impacts mood, cognition and behaviors.  Sometimes it’s hard for parents to know if your child’s struggles are a normal part of adolescence or if they signal a need for extra help.