About Dr. Susan Evans

Dr. Evans has been Licensed as a Psychologist since 1996.  She holds a BS and MA in Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  In addition to completing the academic requirements for a fully accredited degree, her training at the doctorate level included two years of supervised clinical practicum work, a year of a supervised pre-doctoral internship and another year of supervised postdoctoral clinical work.  After this, Dr. Evans passed written national and state licensing exams, as well as an oral state licensing exam.  Since that time, she has continued to refine and develop her skills through ongoing continuing education.  In total, she has worked as a clinician, consultant and teacher in Universities, Hospitals, Medical Practices and Corporations.

Dr. Evans has served as a member of Northside Hospital’s Speaker’s Bureau and has been an Independent Affiliated Professional with Northside Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry since 1997.  She is a long-standing member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Georgia Psychological Association (GPA.)   She has served on GPA’s Board of Directors and as the Chair of GPA’s Council on Independent Practice. 

Dr. Evans works with clients from ages 15-adult.   Her specialties include anxiety disorders, depression, health psychology, relationships, personal and career transitions and parenting issues.   Her style is interactive and educational.  She stays current on relevant developments in the field of psychology and helps her clients translate these findings into a tangible, practical understanding of their own lives.